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Topic: EAC log to TOC/Disc ID script

Written script that reads EAC log files, calculates TOC in format used in musicbrainz and opens browser to look up release with this disc id or to add disc id to release:

Python script version: https://gist.github.com/765526

Web version: http://eac-log-lookup.blogspot.com/
(fully javascript, without server side, calculates all locally in browser)

Can be useful for contributing disc ids when you have log file but don't have original disc, or if you don't want to find and insert disc you already grabbed with EAC.
Also, there are many EAC logs on internets, oftenly direct on webpages without need to download anything.

Warning: python version does not support discs with data track. Also it may generate wrong output if disc was non-standard layout. Web version supports data tracks.
Of course, script only works on EAC logs with TOC listing, some logs don't have one.

P.S. Be careful when adding TOCs to releases, because there can be more than one release for album, you should select proper release from which EAC rip was generated. This release may even don't exist in musicbrainz database.

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Re: EAC log to TOC/Disc ID script

I already made a comment at http://forums.musicbrainz.org/viewtopic … 054#p12054
This is great work and will come in handy.

The good news is that it also works on XLD log files, if you're ripping discs on a Mac.

Re: EAC log to TOC/Disc ID script

Created similar functionality with web interface: http://eac-log-lookup.blogspot.com/

In addition it allows to lookup freedb and to create releases on musicbrainz with track lengths filled.

Re: EAC log to TOC/Disc ID script

Added support for discs with data tracks to web version.

Re: EAC log to TOC/Disc ID script

This is truly awesome! Thanks so much!
I've reused your javascript code for a greasemonkey script, and I've written code to compute the DiscId (and thus make a webservice request to MB to check if it already knows it).

Re: EAC log to TOC/Disc ID script

For reference, my user script is this one: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/116759

Re: EAC log to TOC/Disc ID script

For reference:
There is also a tool written in C that takes CD rips in several formats using libmirage (cue sheets and such) and uses libdiscid to calculate the Disc ID: