Topic: What about an open digital album file format ?

Hi all,
I wondered if he had already been discussed the idea of a file format using the album concept ?
There is some info about it on the Internet:
  - Newspaper articles speak of an idea being reflections in the majors (2009)
  - These slides retailers the concept as I imagine (and speaking of MB as a source) with the format. .m21 (2010): … le-formats

Do you have any info on that?
Has this been  concretely realized  ?


Re: What about an open digital album file format ?

Without looking at the slides this sounds much like "image with embedded cue sheet". This will allow you to have a single file per album which includes all tracks as separate entities and all metadata. This can be used with some (read few) rippers and players. I'm not sure if this is possible with all codecs. Programs that support this are e.g. EAC (ripper), CUETools (converter), foobar2000 (player). It's being used mostly on lossless codecs.
With .m21 you seem to be tied to VLC (at the moment, at least).